TutuApp (iOS & Android)

TutuAPP brings unmatched app collection to smartphone without compromise security of the device. Without jailbreaking iOS, iPhone users can download and install Tutu Apps. The same way on Android, you won’t require to root Android smartphone to download TutuAPP APK for Android.

TutuVIP is a VIP edition of TutuAPP that comes with bunch of premium features. After paying small subscription amount for a whole year, you can enjoy endless features and possibility of new world.

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TutuAPP Key Benefits

  • Free, Free and Free: Unlike iOS App Store and Android App Store, you won’t found paid in app subscription or paid apps. Everything listed on Tutu is free for ever.
  • Easy Login: To get start, you don’t require to connect your Google account or create login account, just download the app, install and there you go.
  • Complete Freedom: As we mentioned above, you won’t be asked to jailbreak or root your smartphone for download or installing any app developed exclusively on TutuApp.
  • Lifetime Free Updates: Until and Unless you’re on VIP, you’ll get lifetime free updates. Time to time bug fixes, security patches and new features. Yeah, for TUTU VIP, you need to pay a small subscription fee to get extra feature and premium contents.

Download Tutu VIP Apk for Android

As you can see on website that there are two separate installation files and configurations for both iOS and Android. You must follow different steps to download Tutu on iOS or Android differently.

  • First purchase a VIP package that costs around $10 per year for Tutu VIP. Why we face so much difficulties for downloading or installing various packages on free version. Pay a small fee and live like a VIP or Pro.
  • Once you purchased a VIP package, just head to TUTU VIP section and download TutuAPP VIP APK for Android.
  • Before installing, do one thing that toggle on “Unknown Sources” installation option. As you know, Tutu products are not available on Android App Store, you must download separately and install it as third party APK. And to do so, you must enable this option.
  • Access downloaded Tutu VIP APK and complete installation.

Download Tutu APK

TutuAPP iOS App

As we mentioned above, iOS and Android users have to follow different process according to different operating system.

  • If possible use, iPhone Safari web browser for better results.
  • Head to Tutu home page where you will need to either purchase VIP service or download Tutu App free for iOS. Choose one and download iOS app according to it.
  • Tap on downloaded configuration and access it.
  • Follow steps instructed by the system and complete the installation.
  • Done.

Download Tutu App iPA for iOS

Report Bug

We’ve allocated a dedicated section for reporting bug and other situations where TutuApp not working, or it won’t install apps or you can’t download Tutu Apps. In any such situations, we recommend you to report them in the comment section where we consider bug reports.

18 thoughts on “TutuApp (iOS & Android)”

  1. Tutu is really a wonderful application and I love this one.
    I have install this on my iPhone 11 running on iOS 13 and I am fully satisfied. I have just one issue that it gets corrupted or not working specially when Apple revoke the certificate.
    I don’t know how to fix this issue.

    • Update Tutu regularly whenever developer release app update. This is the best way to avoid app crash or not installing issue. Many users face Enterprise developer error which can be due to certificate revoke issue. To avoid this not working issue, you must trust the developer enterprise certificate as well as app Tutu.

  2. I’ve iPhone 11 Pro. It is so simple. I’ve used jailbroken iOS in the past. Now, I want that Cydia experience back. I’ve great hope with Tutu to get all of those features. The only question is, how to install gesture tweaks on iPhone using this single app.

    • Look IOS and Android both are working completely differently, you can’t mix them both into one. And on iOS, you can download and install third party apps very hard way. Since on Android you can use various third party application such as Tutuapp to install whatever app you want from the web.

      Currently I have so many applications such as snaptube, Facetune and MovieBox. So, apk becomes too easy to install on Android operating system comparing to iOS which is full of restrictions. Apple can revoke enterprise developer certificate and you’ll be locked out in it. Sucked!

      So, what I mean to say is, you should purchase Tutu app vip version if you’ve Android and iPhone is waste of money with Tutu App in the first place.

    • Tutu App works without any need of jailbreak, thus, it works on every firmware update. The same way, you can download apk on any Android firmware update you’ve. So, without any worry, just head to download page and get it on your smartphone.

      • You’re talking it in a wrong sense. Tutu works as best app because it works on this app constantly. The primary and most sensible reason may be because it is paid app. Developers are getting something as reward to make developments. Other alternatives or like apps are free mostly. They’re getting paid for VIP app, thus, they’re offering iOS and Android versions with frequent updates.

  3. Is it safe to download Tutuapp games and applications? Why Tutu isn’t available on Google play store? Plus, why there is VIP and regular version whereas one was enough.

    • Tutu is hosting apps which are not allowed on Google play store. Thus, I guess this is the reason why it is also not available on GPS in short.

  4. Is there tutuapp pro also exist? I saw some banner saying pro version is better than vip app. Please explain the difference between pro and vip app

  5. Tutuapp not working. I tried it on one of my iOS 13 iphone 11 pro. I somehow installed it, but after installing, I couldn’t open it. Mistakenly, I purchased tutu vip app after paying $12. Now, I’m said and worried about the app. please help in launching it for the first time.

    • Dear, you can open support ticket or mail to the developers. I’m sure the developers will refund you or help you to fix issues occurring with iOS 13 or with your device.


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